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Ending on an Up Note: Suns Weekly Checkup for 12/02/2007

The Suns ended a 12-4 November in thrilling fashion on Friday with a 110-106 win over the Orlando Magic that went down to the wire. As for the other two games of the week, perhaps it's best to do this with them:

Monday's game game in Oakland was as painful to watch as last March's game in Oakland. The Suns were outplayed by a Warriors team that looked exactly like the 8-1 team they would be if their first six games of the season could be thrown away. Wednesday's game at home against the Rockets featured a huge game from Yao Ming, as the Suns played at a pace comfortable for the big fellow and the Rockets took full advantage. And so, the Suns had their first losing streak of the season, but it didn't last long. Friday's win over the Magic got them pointed back in the right direction, although the Suns are far from satisfied with how they closed that game. This gives them something to work on as they head east for a five-game road trip that kicks off a December featuring only four games at the US Airways Center and 11 on the road. To get a look at the next five games, check out the new "Upcoming Games" section in the left sidebar.

Many thanks to SueB for making the above YouTube, as well as this one which puts the "up" in our "up note" theme:

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