Suns vs. Knicks: pre pre-game thread

Well as long as the glorious Suns play their game and dont come out flat we should have a W.  In fact as @&#^ed up as the Knicks are now we have the chance to blow them out in epic fashion, perhaps greater so than what the Celtics visited upon them a few days ago.  Nash should be able to abuse their D every posession.  Marion and STAT should also own the painted area tonight both on O and D.  Not to mention it should be raining from beyond the arc all night long.

I shouldnt get ahead of myself though.  Underestimating your opponent can spell disaster, even when they fail at life like the Knicks.  

My prediction....
Suns play some kick ass ball and crush the very souls of the Knicks.  I also predict there will be a DJ sighting in this game.

Let me know what you guys feel about this game.