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Community Recap: Suns Outplayed in LA (115-122)

First, thanks a bunch to SueB, jasonsuns1, and srp for diving in on the live blogging yesterday. Second, this was a terrific game to watch while surrounded by tons of Christmas and family-related distractions (somehow, watching with small children in post-Santa bliss bounding around in the background really takes the sting out of having to endure two and a half hours of Laker love-fest). Third, here is my very brief, good news/bad news take on the game:

  • Bad news: The Suns no longer have the Lakers' number. That psychological barrior has been completely and utterly obliterated.
  • Good news: I think the same is true for the Suns when they play the Spurs.
  • The other piece of good news: This game is a great example of how a very small roster tweak and the natural maturation of young players can make a huge difference. Derek Fisher and the improved Andrew Bynum are the difference between last year's sad-sack bunch who looked miserable to even be on the same floor together, and this year's Lakers who reminded me a lot of the 2004-05 Suns in this game with their sheer joy and (dare I say it) camaraderie.
Lastly, there were so many great comments in the game thread that I want to devote the rest of this post to a sort of reader "sound-off". Some of these are edited for length, so be sure to visit the game thread for the full versions.

From srp:

"This one really really hurts. Not only is it LA - who I have HATED for decades - but we are seeing the emergence of a real threat in our own division. And its not as if the Suns were sucking wind tonight. They got beat by a better team. Ouch."

From TwinnerA:

"I am not sure if I am grumpy today because I had to be in at work the day after Christmas or if it is because of the Suns. Maybe all those short practices we are always hearing about should be extended to work on defense only."

From SueB during the game (included because I had exactly the same thought!):

"Find myself swearing too much, which is unfortunate because, unlike most games I watch, the kids are up and lingering around."

Jasonsuns1 on what had to be the quote of the day from the announcers:

"The announcer when talking about Nash, he's ambidextrous with both hands... (like he'd be ambidextrous with one hand..moron)"

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