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Here Are Some Numbers - Analyze Amongst Yourselves

The Suns have played 51 games.  They've won 39 of those - a 76.5% winning percentage.  At this rate, they'll win a total of 62 games.  But, extrapolating out the Mavericks' winning percentage, the Suns will still end 5 games out of first place because the Mavericks are on track to win 67 games.

Those are some interesting stats.  Here are a few others (as of 5:00 MST on 2/13):

  • The Suns are scoring 5.1 more points per game than the next nearest team.
  • The Suns have the best road record in the league at 19-6.
  • They are tied for the 2nd best home record in the league with Utah and Chicago.  Dallas has the best record.
  • The Suns have 6 players averaging double figures in scoring - but they don't have anyone in the top 20.  Amare Stoudemire comes in 23rd with 19.9 points per game.
  • The Suns have the highest shooting percentage in the league at 49.7%.  The next closest is Utah and they are 2 points behind.
  • Phoenix shoots 2 percentage points better than the next closest competitor in 3-point shots (40%).  They are 4th best at defending the three-point shot.
  • Phoenix averages 2 more assists per game than their closest competitor (26.4).  They also allow the 4th least number of assists in the league.
  • The Suns have the highest assists/turnover ratio in the league at 1.84.  But Detroit is only .01% behind them.  The next closest is 1.70.
  • Phoenix is tied for 9th in the league for total number of technical fouls.  They have 27 - nearly one every other game.

Those are all the stats I thought were interesting.  If you can find any more, let me know in the comments.