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Nash to come back on February 20th?

Reports are saying that Steve Nash will begin playing with the team again on February 20th - the first game back from the All-Star break.  Here is his quote:

"We'd love to play after the All-Star break, but that would be determined (by) whether it strengthens and the pain goes away," Nash said after practice Tuesday. "Hopefully, I'll feel great and I'll be able to play on Tuesday after the All-Star break. But if it's not ready, we'll play whenever that is. We'll stay positive and hope I'll be back right after the break."

So that sounds good.  But now I think he might have a bigger problem - dual personalities.  I'm not sure why he keeps saying "we" instead of "I".  Is he taking some of the other players down with him?  Maybe he's been watching too much Heroes on NBC with his time off?  Or maybe he's got a mouse in his pocket?

Hopefully he (they?) will be back on the 20th.  I know all Suns fans will be happy when he's back and ready to go.

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