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Suns lose a stinker 114-90 to the Sonics

Well, I write about the good games so I guess I have  to write about the bad ones.  This may have been the worst game the Suns have played all season.  I got used to games like this 4 years ago but it's been a long time since we've seen anything like this.

Some lowlights:

  • Pat Burke had 5 fouls in 13 minutes in the 1st half
  • The Suns got down by 17 in the first half
  • After getting to within 7 in the 3rd quarter, the Suns pretty much gave up and were down by as much as 21 in the 4th quarter
  • The Suns shot under 39% while allowing the Sonics to shoot over 54%.
  • The Suns had only 16 assists.  Only averaging 4 per quarter.  Steve Nash has had more assists in a game than the team had tonight.
  • There was one play in the 2nd half where every single Suns player stood watching as the Sonics took the ball to the basket and dunked it.  They literally didn't move.
  • I was going to point out the offensive rebounds the Suns had (15 for the Suns to 8 for the Sonics) but then I realized the reason they got so many offensive rebounds was because they shot under 40%.  Of course there are going to be a lot of rebounds available!

I understand that the team is going to have some bad scoring nights while Steve is out.  But to play a game like this is just sickening.  Any team in the NBA (and many games in the NCAA) would have beat the Suns tonight.  It seems to me like the Suns were already ready to get on the planes to their respective destinations for the break.

I guess it happens but I hate to see it happen to our Suns.  They're supposed to be better than this.  They're supposed to be one of the elite teams.  And tonight?  They just stunk it up.

I'm looking forward to the All-Star weekend so we can get it over with and start the 2nd half with Steve Nash, Boris Diaw and Kurt Thomas all in the lineup.

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