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I don't drink but if I did...

I'd play the following drinking game while watching the Phoenix Suns on TNT when Doug Collins is the color commentator.

1 shot every time Doug Collins comments on the following

  • How fast Leandro Barbosa is
  • How he didn't think Amare would come back as fast as he did
  • That the Suns go on runs (if he says exactly the following, take 3 shots: "The Suns go on runs.  A 12 point lead with the Suns isn't that big and a 12 point deficit with the Suns isn't that small.")
  • Comments on how the Suns like to run on makes and misses
  • Two drinks if he comments on the "plus or minus" when Steve Nash is in more than once per quarter.

Any Collins-isms I've missed?

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