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Tale of Two Teams: Phoenix Suns at Boston Celtics Preview

It was the best of teams.  It was the worst of teams.

Ha!  I've always wanted to use that line.  Anyway, it really is a tale of two teams tonight.  The Suns have the second best record in the league.  The Celtics have the worst record in the league.  The Celtics have won 13 games this season.  The Suns have lost 13 games this season.

The Suns are coming off a great win against the LA Clippers where everyone produced and even Pat Burke had a good game.  The Celtics are coming off a heart-breaking loss where they got in a hole early and then fought their way back into the game but just didn't have enough to pull out a win.

But the Suns can't take the Celtics for granted.  They must come out and play hard so they can put the Celtics away early and let Steve Nash rest his shoulder.  It should be an easy job with the Celtics having lost more than any team in the league.

Keys to the game?  I think there is only one:

1.  Play the Suns way - If the Suns play the best they absolutely can, there's no stopping them.  Well at least there's no stopping them if they're playing the Celtics.  But if they get sloppy and think the game is going to be easy, it may be a long night.

Have I missed any keys?  Let me know.

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