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Game Thread: Phoenix Suns at Indiana Pacers

I'm excited for tonight's game.  I don't know what to expect from the Pacers.  They can be really good or really bad.  Jermaine O'Neal can come out and be a non-factor because of the Suns' defense or he can come out and beat the Suns single-handedly.

Keys to the game?  I really don't know.  To be honest, the Pacers haven't really grabbed my attention this year.  I don't think I've seen them play even once.  I started feeling bad about that until I looked at their standings and stats.  I don't know anything about Indiana because they're just an ordinary team.  They're average.  They aren't really good.  They aren't really bad.

Their record is 29-26.  They've won 5 and lost 5 out of their past 10. They score 97.3 points per game.  They let their opponents score 97.6 points per game.  There's just nothing that stands out about them (unless you count the thuggery that they started getting known for).

So I don't even know what to expect tonight.  Will they just lay down and roll over when the Suns come into town?  Will they play with a chip on their shoulder because they want to beat a good team and get their name out there?  Will the Suns play weak offense and even weaker defense because the Pacers are just a ho-hum team?  I have no idea!  I do know they have a good blogger over at Indy Cornrows.

The game is on early tonight because it's in Indiana.  It starts at 5:00 Phoenix time.  Give me your thoughts on the game and what the Suns need to do.  Me?  I just don't know.

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