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Maybe THIS is why Jermaine O'Neal is so good

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From Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic:  "Amaré Stoudemire emerged from the showers late Tuesday looking like a wild animal had cut his chest and stomach. Or Jermaine O'Neal. Apparently, O'Neal could use a manicure. Maybe when Indiana comes to Phoenix to play Friday, Stoudemire could send a spa gift certificate over to the Pacers' hotel for Thursday. Stoudemire still outrebounded O'Neal, 18-13, putting him closer to averaging 20 points and 10 rebounds."

With the NBA setting all these rules, maybe they need to create a rule about how long a player's fingernails can be? Ok, maybe that'd be overkill.  But now at least I know why Amare kept looking at his chest.  I thought he was looking at his jersey but it turns out he was looking at his chest because he was getting scratched.  No wonder Amare was letting O'Neal do whatever he wanted under the basket.  I wouldn't want to be scratched by woman fingernails either!

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