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Ticket Frustrations

I like to take my son to one game a year.  But at this point, he's only 6 so I don't really want to spend an arm and a leg since we usually leave after the third quarter dunks by the Gorilla and crew.  I never do that normally but when you've got a 6 year old in tow, you make concessions.  He once asked me if it was morning yet because it seemed like we had been at the game so long.  It was only halftime.

Anyway, I just looked online and realized that when the Suns said they were sold out of tickets, they really were sold out of tickets!  I went to Ticketmaster and couldn't find anything available.  I found some season ticket holders selling tickets for $30 a seat but I was just hoping to get the $10 tickets and sit nosebleed since all we really do at the games when it's just me and my son is buy food for him to eat.

Anyway, if anyone knows of a way to get the nosebleed seats for less than about $20 a seat or knows of a better way to go, let me know.  I'm glad the Suns are doing so well but hate that it's so hard to get seats when they're winning.  It was only three years ago that I bought a center-court ticket, 9 rows up from the floor for $25 because no one was going to the games.  It's hard to remember what that was like.  And if I had my druthers, I'd rather be fighting for seats and have a winning team.

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