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Game Thread: Phoenix Suns at Dallas Mavericks

Here it is.  The game many fans have had marked on their calendars for a month or more.  And Suns fans are confident the Suns will win tonight.  Or are they?

Over the past several weeks, I've seen people guarantee a win in Dallas, say the Mavericks are overrated and that the Suns will show everyone who the real best team is and that Nash is the MVP of the league despite Dallas having the best record.

This morning I wake up to people saying things like this:

"The bottom line is that it is just another regular season game."

"I hope we win, but let Dallas come into the playoffs over confident."

"This game means nothing! The only thing that matters is who wins in the playoffs."

"Of course I want the win tonight, but I am more interested in seeing certain aspects of the game to measure where the Suns are right now."

"If the Suns lose it isnt the end of the world."

Does that sound like a bunch of confident fans to you?  I understand that everyone is trying to hedge their bets against a team that appeared unstoppable just a few days ago but come on!  You're Suns fans!  You're supposed to be over-confident in your team even in the face of defeat.  That's what fans do!

Keys to the game?  Play like they did on Monday.  If they do that, they'll blow the Mavericks out.  If they slow down the game, they'll win a nailbiter.  But the Suns will win tonight.  By 9.  Mark it down.  Dallas is favored by 4 tonight but it won't happen.

This is going to be a good game and at times it will probably seem like the Suns won't pull it out.  That's how games work.  But lets have some confidence in our team. GO SUNS!!!

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