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Game Thread: Phoenix Suns vs Detroit Pistons

The Suns come off one of the biggest games of the season and can't let up at all because they are playing the best team in the East - the Detroit Pistons.

Amare Stoudemire is coming off of a breakout game (can you have several breakout games in one season?) and the Suns are liable to have a bit of a letdown after getting up so high for the previous game.

They are at home tonight so the crowd should be able to pick them up a little if they get down.  However, even if they do let off a little bit in the game I still expect them to win the game.  Detroit is a good team but can't run if the Suns really push the ball.

After the last game, I think any game would seem a little anti-climactic.  But if the Suns want to keep up with Dallas and wait for them to hopefully make a mistake in a few more games so they can get the #1 seed, the Suns need to play out the rest of the year almost flawlessly.  I still don't think they will get the #1 seed but it would be sad to not get it because they just didn't play hard enough in the last 20 games.

Your thoughts on the game?

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