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On the Bright Side...

Marion is out again.  Diaw is out again.  Nash has a tweaked ankle.  But on the bright side, these guys are getting some rest when they need it most.  So we drop a few more games.  The way the Mavs are playing the Suns aren't going to catch them anyway.  They are 5 games behind the Mavericks.  The Spurs are 4.5 games behind the Suns.  There are 24 games left.  So in theory the Spurs could catch the Suns and the Mavs could start choking and the Suns could catch them but probably what will happen is everyone will stay exactly the same.

If that's the case, let's rest the guys and make sure they are completely healthy for the playoffs.  If the playoffs started today, the Suns would play Denver in the first round and either San Antonio/LA Lakers in the second round if they beat Denver.

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