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Game Thread: Phoenix Suns vs Indiana Pacers

The Suns don't face Indiana all year and then face them in the course of three games.  The Suns came back from an 18-point deficit in the previous game on Tuesday and I don't think they want to have to do that again tonight.

I have not heard whether Shawn Marion and Boris Diaw will be playing tonight.  If Shawn does not play, the Suns need to come out with more energy than they did against the 76ers on Wednesday.  If they do that, they should be perfectly fine against Indiana.

With the home crowd behind them, this game should be a bit easier than the one on Tuesday night.  Indy Cornrows has a preview of the game up on their site now.  And feel free to (nicely) remind them that while it is ok for the Pacers to lose a road game to the 76ers, it's quite embarrassing for the Phoenix Suns.  And they are rightly nervous that the Suns will take out their frustrations on the Pacers.

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