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Game Thread: Phoenix Suns vs Memphis Grizzlies

Another game to put the taste of yesterday's loss behind us.  I've been a bit snippy on the site the past couple of days.  I guess maybe cranky is a better word.  Why?  I hate it when the team loses a couple of games and everyone starts predicting the demise of the franchise.  The Suns have won 7-10 their last 10 games and there are people saying the Suns won't get out of the first round of the playoffs now.  Winning 70% of your games over a season would put you winning 57-58 games.  Winning 70% of the games last season would have kept the Suns in exactly the same spot they ended up last year - except they would have won 3 more games.

All that being said, I just don't know what to expect from the Suns tonight.  Are they going to show up and blow out the Grizzlies because they are upset at the loss to the Kings?  Or are they going to be complacent again because they still don't have anything to play for?  If anything, they've got to still win games just so they can stay ahead of the Spurs in the standings.

So I don't really have any keys to the game tonight because I'm not sure what team is going to show up.  I just hope that Boris Diaw actually plays hard tonight and the rest of the team can pick up whatever slack they've had over the past few games.

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