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Suns Outlast Grizzlies

The Suns won a game!  They're going to win the championship!  Well, ok, maybe just winning a game doesn't mean they're going to go on and win a championship.  On the other hand, when they lost a game many people were saying they weren't going to even get to the championship.  So now that they've won, those minds must have been changed, right? ;-)

Alright, so maybe not considering they only beat the worst team in the league and one of their better players (Mike Miller) was sitting on the bench with a bum knee.

Shawn Marion and Boris Diaw both had off nights but it didn't matter as the rest of the starters and Leandro Barbosa picked up the slack.  The Suns outscored the Grizzlies in every quarter.

Raja Bell finally found his shooting touch again and he shot 11-16 (6-8 from the three-point line) and scored 29 points.  Amare Stoudemire chipped in  27 points and 12 rebounds.

The Grizzlies tried to keep up in the first and second quarter behind Pau Gasol but one guy can't beat one of the top teams in the league.

The Suns played well pretty much the entire game but again it was against the worst team in the league so it's hard to say they are back on track.    The Suns have another back-to-back on Thursday and Friday against Golden State and Denver.  Then they play the Mavericks on Sunday.  These three games will tell whether the Suns are back on track or not.  I expect them to come out and play hard against Denver and obviously against Dallas.  But it's the game against Golden State that worries me a bit.  More on that game on Thursday.

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