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Game Thread: Phoenix Suns vs. Golden State Warriors

The Warriors like to run.  The Suns like to run.  The Warriors are fighting for the playoffs.  The Suns have their division locked up.  The Warriors have lost two in a row.  The Suns have won 1 in a row.

These teams both need the win tonight.  The Warriors need to win to keep going on their playoff push.  The Suns need to win because they need to get their confidence back.  The Suns have to play Denver on Friday and Dallas on Sunday.  It would be nice to pick up the pace in these next three games and come out ahead.

The key to tonight's game is intensity.  The Suns haven't showed it a lot over the past few games.  The Warriors should have it tonight.

I predict the Suns will win the game by 10.  What's your prediction?

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