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Analyst for a day

First it was "Commissioner for a day"  now it's "Analyst for a day".  Pradamaster, from Bullets Forever asks a few questions:

  • What are your least favorite basketball cliches/terms/keys/etc. thrown out by announcers/writers/analysts/pundits?
  • What elements of the game do you think are discussed too much as keys for team success?
  • I think we all understand that basketball success isn't determined by a formula where you have to plug in the same elements to come away with successful results.  There are teams that succeed in so many different ways.  However, having said that, there have to be some things that all successful teams have in common over the unsuccessful ones.  What do you think are the most important measurables for success?

There are some interesting responses and it's a good read.  Feel free to leave your own comments there as well.

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