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Suns Blow Out Nuggets

Anyone still think the Suns should get rid of Shawn Marion in the off-season?  It's kind of interesting to look at the stats over the past few games.  Marion hurt his right hand on February 27.  After missing a few games for that injury, he came back and only averaged about 12 points per game since then.  And during that time the Suns only won 8 of the 12 games.  Not bad but as some people have pointed out, some of those games were squeakers against very poor teams.

Last night Shawn Marion shot 13-17, had 33 points and 9 rebounds.  And the Suns blew out the Nuggets.

It also helps that Amare Stoudemire shot 6-11, Raja Bell shot 7-11 and Steve Nash shot 7-12.  Kurt Thomas didn't shoot well but he had 10 rebounds.  And Steve Nash had 11 assists.

At the beginning of the game, it looked like the Suns wanted a repeat of the Golden State Warriors game the night before.  They came out with no energy, they were getting beat to the ball in every occasion and they suddenly were down by 18.  Then Raja Bell got called for a flagrant foul that wasn't a flagrant.  Carmelo Anthony tried to act tough and stare down Raja despite the fact we all know he is a wuss (see video at about 28 seconds in).  And after that point, the Suns outscored the Nuggets by something like 35 points for the rest of the game.  The foul obviously wasn't flagrant.  He fouled the guy and the guy tripped.  But it seems the "flagrant foul" actually helped get the crowd into the game and that crowd anxiety helped the Suns get fired up.

Speaking of the crowd, I usually get upset when the crowd boos the home team when they're losing.  But in the case of the game last night, I think the smattering of boos that you heard throughout the arena actually got the Suns in gear.  They realized that they really weren't playing hard or very well.

Last night was a good turnaround game for the Suns.  Obviously, they won't be able to get down by 18 to the Mavericks and still come back.  Hopefully the Suns will play a little harder at the beginning of the game tomorrow and will be able to get their mojo back to beat Dallas for the 2nd time in a row.  More on the Dallas game later.

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