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Game Thread: Phoenix Suns vs. Charlotte Bobcats

It's one of those "easy" games again. The ones where the best team in the league plays the worst team in the league and the best team should demolish them.  But as with many NBA teams, the Suns don't put away the easy opponents like they should.  Steve Nash and Mike D'Antoni have both been talking about the killer instinct and the Suns possibly coasting into the playoffs so I wouldn't be surprised to see the Suns come out playing strong this evening.

They also will get Boris back as long as he is feeling well enough to play.  He did a full practice yesterday with 5-on-5 ball and said the pain was there but not bad. As long as he goes out and gives it his best, that's good enough for me.  Coach D'Antoni said he would probably play Boris about 20 minutes tonight so that will take up another 20 minutes that normally would have been reserved for other bench players.  With all of their players back in uniform, the Suns are a deep team.  I know we've talked about it before but when you actually look at the roster and who has to come off the bench because of everyone being healthy, that's pretty awesome!

I expect the Suns to come out and try to run the Bobcats into the ground.  They haven't had their usual running game in the past few matchups so they'll want to come out and exert their will on a team they know they should beat.

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