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Scoop says Nash's 3rd MVP is in the bag

Scoop Jackson is arguing this morning that Steve Nash's third MVP is already won.  After the Suns beat the Mavericks and then the Lakers in two consecutive national TV games, he's claiming that Steve convinced everyone that the MVP was his.  I'm not so sure that is the case but it sure is nice to think so!

What makes me think Scoop doesn't really think this but is just using it as fodder for an article is his argument about whether Steve SHOULD win his third in a row.  He points out that only three other players - Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain and Larry Bird - have won three consecutive MVPs.  And they had all won championships - or at least played in a championship game, which is something Nash has yet to do.

I am obviously biased.  And obviously, I really would rather the Suns win a championship than Steve get this third consecutive MVP.  It's better to make history by getting your first championship trophy than by getting your third MVP.  But Steve knows that well.  I know he would trade all three MVP's for one championship trophy.

The thing the Suns have to do is play hard the rest of the season, secure the #2 seed and then put away the easy teams as quickly as possible on the road to playing in the championship series.

What do you think about Scoop's article?

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