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Suns Back into 2nd Seed

The Suns did their part.  They won every game they had to win after losing to the Spurs a few games ago.  The Spurs, on the other hand, couldn't handle playing the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday and lost the game 91-86.  The Suns are officially 3 games ahead of the Spurs with only two to play.  They don't have to win any more games to keep the 2nd seed.

I expect we will see a lot of the Suns players resting over the next two games.  I'm sure they'll still play but the next game against the Rockets doesn't have any playoff implications for either team so the Suns may rest their starters early in the 2nd half of that game.  And it really will depend on what happens over the next few days on whether the Suns will play hard against the Clippers.  I would think they want the Golden State Warriors in the 8th spot as opposed to the Los Angeles Clippers so they may play a bit harder against the Clippers if that means the Warriors will get into the 8th seed to play the Mavericks.

I'm actually really nervous that the Warriors will move up to the 7th seed and move the Lakers will move down to the 8th seed.  I think the Suns can beat the Warriors in the first round but I still would rather face the Lakers instead of the Warriors.

What are you thoughts about all of this?

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