Duncan Ejected for Laughing?

Editor's Note: There were several diaries written about this and since I wanted to write something up about it anyway, I thought this would be a good thing to move to the front page. Thanks to all of you who wrote something on it. I think this is something that is important to bring to everyone's attention. Sure, it helped the Suns secure the 2nd seed, but would you want this happening to YOUR team?

Wow... anybody watch this Crawford guy kick Duncan out yesterday?.... here's a link to the video (it runs a couple minutes where you'll see the following call, against another Spur who take a flying kick to the chest from Josh Howard):

The world will be watching to see how Stern takes care of this situation, that's for sure.  Apparently this is the same ref who called a tech on Duncan in that loss to the Pacers during the Spurs 12 of 13 run.  That Pacers game was their only loss until this fiasco.  

Duncan claims the ref challenged him to fight!:;_ylt=AgwoHQrjn9rTYEBkhyRNkxG8vLY F?urn=nba,29405

If nothing else, Duncan is going to be [ticked] as the playoffs start up next weekend... especially after writing a fat check to the NBA for going off on the officiating.   Any thoughts?