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Game Thread: Phoenix Suns vs Los Angeles Clippers

Last. Game. Of. The. Season.  WOOHOO!!!

Can you believe it's already the last game of the season?  It seems like just 7 months ago that I was gearing up for the first game of the season.

There are some things I wanted to do that I didn't:

  1.  Make more videos with Suns pictures
  2.  Go to more games
  3.  Write up every game with super details
But there are some things that I did get to do as well:
  1.  Get a GREAT community here on Bright Side of the Sun.
  2.  Write up MOST of the games (although maybe not with as much detail as I should have)
  3.  Get ripped on personally by Mavs fans when I retracted my vote for Dirk as MVP
  4.  Get to watch the Suns in the playoffs
The last one hasn't happened yet but it will start in a few days.  And I can't wait!

Until that time, the Suns still have one more game to play against the Clippers.  This game doesn't mean anything for the Suns.  But it could affect who plays the Mavericks.  If the Clippers lose, they are going to be out of the playoffs.  If they win, I think it depends on what the Warriors do.  Nothing is going to be known for sure until Wednesday, I believe.

What are your thoughts on the game, how much the starters should play, whether the Suns should try to win, etc?

Enjoy the last game of the season!

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