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Marcus Banks wins an award

Well, it's not an official award and it's not very prestigious.  And I'm not sure I agree with it.

But Bill Simmons is giving Marcus Banks the Least Valuable Player award.  His reasoning:

You need to realize zero percent of your team's expectations, even though it traded a No. 1 pick (and a chance to take Rajon Rondo or Marcus Williams) to create enough cap space for a bench player who could save its best player's legs during the season. You need to be such a ginormous bust that your coach gave up on you within three weeks. You need to be untradable even though you have a reasonable salary ($21 million, five years). You need to become the albatross for a potential championship team that's single-handedly lowering its ceiling from an "A-plus" to an "A-minus." In other words, you need to be Marcus Banks.

By a raise of hands, how many people think the Suns should trade Marcus Banks in the offseason?  Now, by another raise of hands, how many people think anyone will trade for him?  Is Isaiah Thomas still speaking to the Suns after the Quentin Richardson trade?  I think that is the Suns' only hope.


Will the Suns be able to trade Marcus Banks in the off-season?

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  • 61%
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  • 38%
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