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Who will the Suns face in the playoffs?

I was asked the question this morning, "What happens with a three-way tie between the Lakers, Clippers and Golden State?"  Here's my answer.  I am pretty sure it is correct but if you have any information that shows differently, feel free to correct me in the comments.

Technically, there could be a three-way tie between the Lakers, Clippers and Golden State.  They could all have a record of 41-41.  If that happens, the Lakers get the 7th seed because they have the best record in head-to-head matchups between the three teams.  So the 7th seed is determined already.

The next thing that needs to be decided is the 8th seed.  Golden State holds their destiny in their hands.  If they win tonight against Portland, they are in.  If they lose, they are out.  This is because they will have a better record than the Clippers if they win.  And if they lose, they are tied and the Clippers won more games in the head-to-head matchup so they will move into the 8th spot.

At this point, the matchups are all set except for who will play Dallas in the first round.  The Suns will play the Lakers, the Spurs will play Denver.  The Rockets will play Utah.  It's up to Golden State to determine whether they are in the playoffs tonight.

If you have other information that refutes this, please post it in the comments.  I am just interpreting the rules as I read them but I wouldn't be surprised if I'm wrong.

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