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SB Nation Reader's Choice Awards - Rookie of the Year

The NBA basketball bloggers of SB Nation are pooling together our resources this year to put together a system-wide poll of the top awards for the NBA season.  This thread will focus on the Rookie of the Year award.  Why are we even voting on this one?  I have no idea.  It seems a foregone conclusion to me about who it will be but maybe you guys have some different opinions.

Get a copy of the rules for voting at Bullets Forever.  The important things to remember are that you can only vote once throughout all the SB Nation NBA blogs and you MUST put your top three choices.  If you don't put the top three, we can't count it.

So go ahead, put your votes in the comments below and I'll let you know when the results are in next week.  This is your chance to be heard on the awards.  Let's show the rest of SB Nation that Bright Side of the Sun readers know what they're talking about!

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