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Suns win with a gem of a game

Wow.  Now that is Phoenix Suns basketball.

Shawn Marion - 22 points, 11 rebounds
Steve Nash - 17 points, 23 assists
Amare Stoudemire - 27 points, 21 rebounds

And with those stats, the Suns won the game 113-100.  

When the Suns are playing this way, is there any team that can beat them?  Kobe Bryant had an awesome game with 31 points and 9 assists.  9 assists from Kobe?  He only averaged 5 for the season and 4 for the playoffs.  He doubled the average and scored over 30 points and the Lakers still didn't have a chance.

Does it ever seem like there are games where the Suns just KNOW they are going to win?  There is no doubt in their minds that they'll win the game and it starts to rub off on the other team.  Pretty soon it seems like the opposing team knows the Suns are going to win as well and they stop trying.  It reminds me of the best Michael Jordan teams.  When those Bulls teams would come onto the court, everyone in the building knew they were going to win.

Was there anything wrong with this game?  The Suns had more rebounds, more assists, more steals, less turnovers, less fouls, more offensive rebounds, and were 3 percentage points behind the Lakers in 3 point field goals.  I just don't see what else they could have done.  They figured out a way to beat the Lakers by using their trap on the pick and roll against them and it led the Suns to their 13 point win.  If they play like this the rest of the postseason, they should win every series.

What do you think?

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