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Game Thread: Phoenix Suns at Memphis Grizzlies

You play the best team (record-wise) in the league on Sunday.  Then you go to Memphis and play the the worst team (record-wise) in the league on Tuesday.  The Suns obviously had their "A" game on Sunday but they were playing a good team.  What kind of game will they bring against a bad team?  Will they lower themselves to the level of the Grizzlies?  Will they blow out the best record in the league on game and then have a close game against the worst record in the league?  I don't think they will.  I think the Suns have found their groove again and could very easily win out the rest of the season.  What I really hope happens is the Suns win a few more games, the Spurs lose a couple more games and the Suns clinch the 2nd spot in the West with about 3-4 games left.  Once that happens, I would expect that Mike D'Antoni will rest his starters in the last few games - still playing them but only for about 24-25 minutes just to keep their rhythm.

Keys to tonight's game:

  1.  Let Amare shoot - As was proven again in the Dallas game on Sunday, teams do not have a way to stop Amare when his mid-range jumper is going.  So  the Suns should try to get him more confidence in the jumper without affecting the flow of their style of play.
  2.  Don't have another "Dallas let-down" - I honestly think the Suns thought they couldn't be beat after their win against Dallas last time.  And they come out and were humbled by some of the worst teams in the league.  I don't expect that to happen again this time.
  3.  Run - Just run the ball.  Remember who they are and why they won so many games.  And keep playing that way.
What are your keys?

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