Can the Suns match up against GSW?

The series between the Mavs and Warriors is not yet over. Even the series between the Suns & Lakers is not over. Plus there is the second round to be played.

However, if the Suns had to play against this GS Warriors team, can they match up? I was impressed with the defense of the Warriors. Can our Suns hustle against them?

The last time these two played each other, the Warriors ran all over the Suns starters. I think it was the lack of intensity on our part and that happens to the best of the teams.  However, if the Suns play their own game, the Warriors have the fast break skills to match them. Can we match their defense?

In a 7-game series I still think the edge may go to the Suns but again it could be tough if the Warriors play with the kind of 'underdog freedom' they displayed against the Mavs.

What do you think?