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Let's Not Jinx Anything

I'm the superstitious sort of fan.  I think all of us are a little bit (hey, at least I'm not as superstitious as Vash!!).  So let's not go and declare this series against the Lakers over yet.  Remember that the Suns were down 3-1 against the Lakers last year and somehow pulled out three wins against the Lakers to move to the second round.

And same thing goes for the Mavericks.  I'm not counting them down until they're out.  It sounds like their fans - and even Dirk - aren't giving them much hope but if they can win two games in a row, it's anyone's series.

I am just as excited as the next guy.  But I'm not looking ahead to a Spurs/Nuggets matchup just yet.  Then again, I know I'm superstitious.  I wear the same shirt, sit in the same seat and hold the remote the same way for every game in the playoffs.  So far, the only game the Suns have lost is when I went to my Dad's house for a game.  I won't be doing that again anytime soon!! (Sorry, Dad). :-)

What do you think about jinxes?

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