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Game Thread: Phoenix Suns vs Los Angeles Lakers

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This should be a good game for multiple reasons:

  1.  It's on ABC so you know both teams are going to bring their A game.
  2.  It's on ABC so you know Kobe is going to try and show off in front of a national audience and prove that he should be MVP.
  3.  The Suns have something to prove after the previous two games.
  4.  The Suns NEED this game to keep ahead of the Spurs in the standings.
  5.  (This one may be controversial and could be just plain wrong)  The Lakers may tank the game because they're trying to get into 7th place so they can face the Suns instead of the Spurs.
I'll have a lot more on #5 tomorrow.  I'm coming up with a theory I want to talk more about but until then, discuss the game in the comments and there will be more after the game.