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Phoenix Suns vs San Antonio Spurs - Game 3

Finally.  FINALLY!  It's time for game 3!  We're about 10 hours from the game and it's about time.  Utah and Golden St. have played two games since the time the Suns last played.  But luckily, now we have today's game, a game on Monday and a game on Wednesday.

The Suns come into this game with a big win under their belts and now have to take at least one from San Antonio while in San Antonio.  If they don't, the Suns will be forced to win 3 games in a row with one of those games being on the road.

The positive thing, at least to me, is the Suns had the 2nd best road record in the league.  So they know how to win on the road.  In fact, sometimes I think they play better on the road because they are able to get more focused.

We know San Antonio is going to come out with some new changes this game but I can't imagine what it will be at this point.  Maybe start Ginobili? (I don't think it will matter) Will they try to go smaller? (I sure hope so!)  Go bigger? (The Suns will just be able to run more)

I imagine Kurt Thomas will still start for the Suns and that Shawn Marion will still be on Tony Parker.  And I still believe that no matter what the Spurs do, as long as they keep Parker to under 20 points the Suns will win.

By keeping Parker under 20 points and pulling away from the Spurs in the 4th quarter, the Suns take away Robert Horry's ability to make big shots to bring the Spurs back into the game.  But even if Horry does make good shots, the Suns aren't the type of team to get brought down by that.  They just run the ball back and score within a few seconds.

I'm expecting good things out of the Suns today.  I really think they have a good chance of taking at least one of the games from the Spurs so why not today?

Give me your thoughts on the game, who you think will win and why?  My prediction?  Suns 106, Spurs 97.  Although the Spurs are favored by 4 in today's game.

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