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Bell Suggests Toughness

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An article at is quoting Raja Bell as saying the Suns need to toughen up.  I agree with him.  Some interesting quotes:

"Look, you get caught up in that (throwing elbows) with the Spurs and you will lose. They're good at it. As much as everyone would like to spin it and have us out there fighting (Monday night), you can't do that. I hope guys understand that's not the answer."

"We have a game plan.  They're doing certain things; we've designed a defense to counter. We go over it for two days. I don't know if we're tired or what the situation is, but we have to be mentally tough enough to execute. When we don't, Timmy (Duncan) will have 30 points and 20 rebounds and Manu will get 24 and we'll lose. But when we do it, they can't beat us."

"We've been in the newspapers and people have been making a big deal about that.  I'm sure (the Spurs) are having a real good time with it, so it's time to stop talking and say, 'Hey, let's go play.'"

And my favorite quote, although it comes from Kurt Thomas:

"If you feel you need to throw an elbow, then you need to throw an elbow.  But it's more about putting a body on their body, boxing out and not allowing them to just walk in and get easy shots."

And you know what?  I agree.  We're complaining too much as Suns fans.  We're sounding like Dallas fans.  I don't know about you but I certainly don't want to be associated with Dallas fans.

So let's buck up, Suns fans!  Let's cheer our team on, not complain and toughen up as fans.  We can do this guys!  The Suns can do this!  So from this thread forward through the rest of the series, I don't want to say I'm banning all pessimistic talk but I don't want to see a lot of blaming the Spurs for the losses.  Let's figure out what we would do if we were the coaches of the Suns.  How can the Suns win the game on Monday?


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