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Phoenix Suns vs San Antonio Spurs - Game 4

Another do or die game for the Suns.  Just like Game 2, if the Suns don't win this they are pretty much dead in the water.  I just don't see them coming back to win 3 in a row against San Antonio.  Especially with the way they've been playing this series.

We have discussed this ad naseum already (boy am I glad there was only one off day in between these games!) but here are my keys to the game tonight:

  1.  Don't get frustrated.  When the Suns get frustrated, they don't have fun.  If they don't have fun, they don't play well.  And we all know what happens when they don't play well.
  2.  Don't worry about the refs.  Get out there and play your game.  If you're the agressor, the refs will make the calls.  Plus, if you just play your game, the refs can't really take the Suns out of the game because they really are that much better of a team.
  3.  Don't worry about Bowen.  Big deal if he plays dirty.  The NBA is looking into it.  And I personally think just having the NBA threaten to look into his groin shot to Nash will make him think twice about doing it again.  Of course, if they decide to let it slide, maybe it will just encourage him.  But either way, I think if the Suns just ignore him as much as possible, he can't hurt them.  Unfortunately, the Suns have let him into their heads the past few games.
  4.  Play better.  Make the easy shots, make your free throws, and you'll win.
  5.  Get the ball out of Duncan's hands - This is one I'm not sure about but I'm wondering whether it is worth a try at least for a quarter or two.  What if the Suns "flash" towards Duncan to get him to pick up the ball?  That way he can't back his way into Thomas and get him into foul trouble.  It will take A LOT of work to do this.  It's not like the Lakers where you can flash onto Kobe and know if he kicks it out his teammates probably aren't going to make the shot anyway.  If you leave Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Brent Barry, Robert Horry or Bruce Bowen open, they're going to make the shot.  So it's got to be more of a flash to Duncan, wait until he picks up the ball and then get right back on your man.  Will it work?  I have no idea.  But the Suns have got to try SOMETHING!
I've got a good vibe about this game tonight.  Maybe it's just my optimism coming out but I really think the Suns can pull this out.

Did I miss anything?  What are your thoughts?  GO SUNS!!!

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