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No Suspension for Bowen

The league has condoned Bruce Bowen's actions in Game 3 - or at least, they have determined that he didn't do it on purpose.

I'm actually fine with it.  I figure if they weren't going to suspend Bowen for clipping Amare in what was obviously a "non-basketball-move" (to quote the NBA when they suspended Kobe Bryant) then there was no way they were going to suspend Bowen for just clearing some space by kicking a guy in the gonads.

This can go one of two ways for the Suns:

  1.  Bowen figures he's invincible and does whatever he wants tonight
  2.  Bowen gets scared of being reviewed again and cleans up his act.
I'm guessing it will be #1.  But I also think the refs will be watching him a bit closer now and if he does try any funny business with the calf, the 'nads or any other part of a Phoenix Suns' body, the refs most likely will make the call.

Let's not get into complaining on this thread but I would definitely like to know your thoughts.

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