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What the Spurs fans think of the game last night

It was nice to see this from Pounding the Rock this morning.  It's always nice to wake up to a laugh.

You know what?  I'm perfectly fine with what he suggests.  Don't suspend Amare, don't suspend Horry.  I'll gladly take that.  Horry was shown to be the wuss that he really is so no one will be scared of him on the court any more.

And I really think this is the NBA's fault anyway.  Once they let Bowen get away with things, Horry thought he could get away with things as well.  Unfortunately, tensions were high when he did it and things went a little too far.  But it is the NBA's fault for letting the Spurs think they could do whatever they wanted.

Heck, I'd even start one of those petitions if I thought it would help.  Paris Hilton has one so why not Amare?

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