New Twist - Duncan left the bench in the 2nd Qtr - Video added

New Twist! - Duncan on the floor

I am listening to a great interview w/ Iveroni on 910 radio:

Bickley mentions that in the 2nd quarter when Elson dunks and gets tangled w/ James Jones and there's a little flare up. During that flare up Duncan appearantly left the bench. Iveroni was clear that the NBA is or will be made aware of that. I will check the tape of this incident and see if I can't get a video made of it.

Iveroni mentioned that about half way through the 4th quarter he turned and warned the bench that if something happened not to leave the bench but both Diaw and Amare were on the floor and didn't hear the warning.

Iveroni said that right when it happened he screwed up. He saw Coach D rush towards Nash but also where Parker was and he went after him instead of turning and taking care of the bench.