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What I think the Phoenix Suns will do now

In Phoenix Suns-land, it may appear as if all is lost.  But let's look at this from a different angle.

Last year, the Phoenix Suns had Amare Stoudemire for 3 games - only 1 of which was really a good game.  Yet the Suns were able to get to the Western Conference finals and may have been able to win if it weren't for a Raja Bell calf injury.

Granted, last year the Suns had Boris Diaw when they didn't have Amare.  However, the Suns still have Shawn Marion.  They still have Kurt Thomas.  They still have Leandro Barbosa.  And, most importantly, they still have a Steve Nash.  A ticked Steve Nash.  They are a team that will be looking for vengeance.  They will also have a home crowd behind them that will help keep the intensity high.

The Suns are also the better team.  They came back from 12 down last night to win the game and they did it by playing great defense and exceptional offense.  The Suns can definitely win Wednesday's game.  I have always believed that the better team will always win a 7 game series.  

Sure, this series has been affected a lot by the suspensions of Amare and Boris.  But the Suns are still the better team.  They are more athletic.  They are more composed.  They have more respect for the beauty of the game.  And now they know the kind of intensity they need to play with.  Game 4 was a learning experience the younger Phoenix Suns players needed.  What they learned last night cannot be taught in practice or during the regular season.  It can't even be taught in a series like the previous Suns/Lakers series.  You can only learn when you have your backs up against the wall.

Last night, with 6 minutes left in the game, the Suns looked at themselves and said, "You know what?  We're the better team.  We play better defense.  We definitely play better offense.  We need this game."  And they went and took it away from the Spurs.  It was the Spurs game to lose and the Suns took it from them.

Sure, it stinks that the Suns won't have Amare and Diaw.  You're darn right that I'm still fuming at the idiocy of the NBA brass for rewarding a dirty play.  But championship teams are able to push through this type of thing.

Plus, just think how cool the championship video will be when looking back at this moment years later!  It'll bring goosebumps to your entire body when you think what the Suns had to go through to win.

I'm done whining about the travesty that is the NBA commissioner and his cohorts.  I'm ready to see the Suns show what they're really made of!


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