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Sit Duncan? Heck no!

There are rumors flying around that the Spurs are thinking about or at least that they should sit Duncan in protest of the suspension of Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw.

My thoughts on that?  Yeah right.  First of all, this is a league where there is a group of higher-ups that call the shots on things like this.  The decision to suspend Amare and Boris itself was not made by the Spurs.  They shouldn't inflect self punishment on themselves just because of the moronosity (I know, not a word but give me a break!) of the situation.  Sure, their dirty play caused the suspensions.  I'm even curious as to whether Robert Horry was sent out to do exactly what he did.  

But once the decision was made by the league, the Spurs should embrace it and use it to their advantage.  This is a game they're playing.  They try to win at all costs.

Not only that but there is no way this would happen anyway.  I've said the entire series that the Spurs were a dirty, classless team.  The clip of Amare Stoudemire.  The holding of Amare when Ginobili fell down.  The knee to Nash's groin.  The body-check to Steve Nash.  All it amounts to is dirty play by a dirty team.  That's not "playoff basketball".  That an old team that is scared they might lose their last chance to win a championship series.  They've resorted to cheating the entire series.  Now that the NBA has given them the way out of the series with the win, do you really think they're going to shove that aside now?  I don't think so.

I was going to say that if the roles were reversed I would be peeved if Mike D'Antoni held out Amare Stoudemire.  But then I thought about it and realized the roles never would be reversed.  The Suns play basketball - not jungle ball.  So never mind.

Either way, I don't think the Spurs should sit out Tim Duncan.  I think the only reason the Spurs fans are saying this is that they are scared the Suns really will win tonight without two of their best players.  And once that happens, the series is basically over.


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