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Phoenix Suns vs San Antonio Spurs: Game 5

Game 5.  Some say it is the most important game in a 7 game series.  Here are my keys to the game:

  1.  Amare Stoudemire needs to stay out of foul trouble - Oh, um...never mind.  That shouldn't be a problem.
  2.  Boris Diaw needs to contribute a lot tonight - Oh, wait...uh, never mind on that one.  Boris will be at home to watch the game.
  3.  Watch out for the cheap fouls - This one is real.  Watch out for the Spurs cheap shots since they now know they really can do anything and get away with it.
  4.  Use the crowd - the Suns can use their home crowd tonight, which should be loud and more fired up than any crowd this entire postseason.
  5.  Play loose, have fun, don't stress - There are going to be guys who get minutes that haven't gotten real minutes all series.  They need to play well.
  6.  Stay out of foul trouble - There are 12 less fouls to use on Tim Duncan now that Boris and Amare are out.  I imagine we'll be seeing Pat Burke sometime during the evening.  His goal should just be to tire Duncan out.  Make sure he doesn't get any easy shots and use all 6 of his fouls wisely.
That's about all I've got.  I will be keeping a running game log tonight.  We've won the two times I've done it so I figured I should keep the tradition going.

Let me know your thoughts on the game!

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