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Spurs Take Game 5

The Suns played an awesome game.  They were missing 30 points between Stoudemire and Diaw.  And yet they lead most of the game.  Unfortunately, they started getting tired in the last 3 minutes and the Suns just couldn't hold on.

But what do you expect?  The Suns were basically playing 6 players against the Spurs' 10 players.

The things the Suns can take away from this game?  They were missing 30 points and only lost by 3.  The only reason the Suns lost was because they got tired and ended being on the crummy end of a 17-6 run by the Spurs.

What does this mean for the Suns?  It means they have a 17% chance to win the series.  They have to win 2 games in a row with one of the games being in San Antonio.  The Suns will be at full strength on Friday.  They'll have Amare and Boris back.  The Spurs will not have Cheap Shot Bob back for that game.  But who really cares whether he's back anyway?  He's just an old man who doesn't produce anyway.

I'm proud of the way the Suns played this game.  They could have just given in and they didn't.  They played their hearts out and were a 3 point shot away from winning it.  They got 5 more shots than the Spurs.  They shot the exact same percentage - 40.3%.  They only missed 1 free throw.  They won the rebound game.  They won the assist game.  Unfortunately, they had 2 more turnovers and that was what killed them.

I wonder what David Stern is thinking right now.  I know he was scheduled to come to Phoenix for this game but canceled because he was afraid for his life.  And he should have been.

If you look at the box score, the teams were pretty much even.  But you know what the Spurs did?  They made 1 three point shot more than the Suns.  And that was what they won by.

It's just unbelievable.

I am still optimistic for Friday's game.  I do think the Suns can win that game.  Look at what they did without two of their best players!  They've already beat the Spurs in San Antonio once.  They can do it again.  You can't fault the Suns for anything tonight.  They played their hearts out and just lost by a little bit.

I'm a little frustrated right now so I'm going to stop writing.  But I want it known that I'm not frustrated with the Suns.  I'm frustrated with the dirty Spurs, I'm frustrated with the NBA, I'm frustrated with Amare and Boris for not thinking.  But the guys who played tonight?  I'm not frustrated with them at all.


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