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Spurs Given Series in 6

This just isn't my night.  I had a huge post written up.  It took me forever to write.  It was eloquent, talking about the bad things of the series, the good things of the series and everything in between.  And what happened?  My Internet blew up, then my computer stopped working and when I tried to copy and paste what I wrote into a document I got some error saying the clipboard was in use by another program.  I haven't seen that ever.  Nice.

Here's the bottom line.  I'm a bitter fan right now.  I think the Suns were robbed.  I do believe they would have won in a fair 7 game series.  Unfortunately, it came down to an aging player who has maybe one year left in the league and two men in suits who wanted to prove they were the big bosses.  And it was the NBA that caused this whole thing by letting the Spurs get away with everything.

But that's over and done with.  It doesn't matter at this point.  The Suns are done and the Spurs are moving on.  And me?  I'm rooting for the Jazz over the next two series.  Or maybe I'll just stop watching the NBA for awhile.  Do I really want to watch the Cavs/Pistons and the Jazz/Spurs series?  Talk about boring.

Anyway, the Suns played their hearts on - especially in the 4th quarter.  You could see in Steve's eyes that he wanted it worse than any player on the court.  But he just couldn't do it himself.  Maybe if he hadn't played 47 minutes in the previous game.  Maybe it wouldn't matter if the series would have been fair.  But it wasn't, he did and the Suns lost.  That's it.

I don't really want to talk about it anymore.  But I hope the Spurs fans feel a little silly celebrating this win.  I know I would.

I'm done with the NBA for awhile.  Oh, I'll be back.  It's the Suns.  I'll definitely be back.  But I think I'm just done for a bit.  And if I'm not going to watch much of the next two series, I'm sure the average NBA fan won't either.  So, good job, Mr Stern and Mr Jackson.  You proved you were the big men in town.  But you hurt your business in the process.  But hey, at least you got to go home and tell your wives you bossed people around for a few days.  That's got to make you feel good.

Go Jazz.  Beat the Spurs.  But watch out for those knees and the shoves into scorer's table.  Those'll get you every time.

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