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Phoenix Suns vs Los Angeles Lakers: Game 5

Ok everyone.  Here's the game thread for tonight's game.  I had big plans to write good stuff over the past three days.  Then my gallbladder decided differently and I ended up in the hospital Monday through just a few hours ago with no Internet access.  I don't really want sympathy about it.  I'm doing fine and a gallbladder is one of the easiest things to have out (or so I'm told).  But I don't really feel like writing anything yet.  I'll be lucky to stay up for the entire game!  I just wanted everyone to know I haven't forgotten the Suns.

Anyway, Mike D'Antoni is saying this is a must-win game for the Suns and Raja Bell may not play because his wife is having a baby.  This is definitely a winnable game even without Raja.  But it will be interesting to see how Kobe plays tonight.  Will he be geared up for the game now that he knows Raja won't be there?

I'm excited for this game.  What are your thoughts on the game?

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