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Thanks to the readers...

Before everyone takes off for the summer, I wanted to thank all of the readers of the site - both those that only come once and those that have been coming several times a day for several months.

I am afraid I am going to miss someone if I name you off but I'm going to try anyway.  And if I forget someone, I'm really sorry.  I know you guys will call me out if I miss someone and I hope you do.

DMP, Vash01, TexSUN, Turumbar, DrStrom, srp, jasonsuns1, Whaat, rosewood, coolbean04, kidjay, sonicking, TwinnerA

Thanks to you all for making this site what it was.  I could sit here typing until my fingers fell off but if no one was reading then it wouldn't matter.  I had a similar site last year and while I typed away, I didn't have nearly the participation or the recognition that the site got this year.  I even had San Antonio newspaper blogs ripping on me this year!  That's quite an improvement!

Thanks again to everyone.  It's been a fun year.  Don't forget to keep checking back during the off season for updates on the draft lottery, the draft prospects, the draft itself and any offseason changes that may be happening.  It should be a productive off season.

Hope to see you all back throughout the summer and definitely next season!!

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