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Draft Lottery Tonight

The draft lottery tonight is at 8:30 ET.  Most of the time, Suns fans wouldn't even be interested in the draft lottery except to see what team gets which pick.  But this time the Suns have something at stake.

When the Suns traded Joe Johnson for Boris Diaw they also got 2 first round draft picks from the Atlanta Hawks.  This year the draft pick is only protected if the Hawks are in the top 3 picks.  I think the Hawks thought they would be much, much better than they currently are.  The ended up with the 4th worst record in the league last season.

But because of the way the draft lottery works, even with the 4th worst record the Hawks could still end up with one of the top three picks.  Technically, they could end up lower than 4th as well.

ESPN has a link to a mock draft lottery and I ran it 10 times.  The Phoenix Suns took the pick 5 times and didn't get any lower than 5th.  The Hawks got the pick 5 times and had the 1st pick twice.  So it's definitely not guaranteed that the Suns are going to get this pick tonight.

What do you think will happen?  If the Suns got the 4th or 5th pick, who do you think they should take?  What should the Suns do if they end up not getting the pick?

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