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A rule is a rule...unless it isn't...

Yes, I'm still on this.  I probably will be until the start of next season.  Or at least until something else more exciting comes along - like a trade.

David Stern and Stu Jackson both arrogantly pointed out last week that a rule is a rule and they just need to follow the rules that are set forth in the rule book by the owners.  They both said that they set precedents and they can't break precedent just because of the player.

That's really odd because I thought Kobe Bryant was suspended for doing something that looks oddly similar to what LeBron James does below:

I want to put the disclaimer that I root for LeBron and definitely want the Cavs to beat the Pistons.  And I understand that there isn't a rule  specifically written in the rule book about this.  But I do know that there are rules about throwing elbows.  And I do know that the NBA has set a precedent with Kobe about throwing elbows in a "Unnatural Basketball Act".  So what's the deal here?  Why didn't LeBron get suspended?  Isn't the NBA all about following rules and precedent?

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