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Mavericks booted from the playoffs

The Mavericks pulled maybe the biggest choke-job in the history of the NBA by losing in 6 games to the 8th-seed Golden State Warriors.  But by saying it was a choke-job I don't give enough credit to the Warriors and Don Nelson.  Nelson knew exactly what the Warriors needed to do to beat the Mavericks and they played it to perfection.

Why am I posting this on the front page instead of in a diary?  The Suns were going to have to play the San Antonio Spurs and the Dallas Mavericks to get to the championships.  Now they have to play the San Antonio Spurs and then (if they win) either the Warriors, Rockets or Jazz.  It seems a lot easier now.  Of course, none of these teams are easy but it sure does feel good to see the Mavericks out of the playoffs already.  And it felt even better to see Marc Cuban walk off the court yelling something at the camera.  

What do you think about this series?  What does this mean for the Suns?  

Less important, but still fun to talk about, how are they going to present the MVP award if Dirk Nowitzki wins it now?  Is there any way David Stern is going to go and switch the winner to Steve Nash so the NBA isn't embarrassed by having to present the MVP during halftime of some game the Mavericks aren't playing?

I'm pretty excited right now!  So much for the Mavericks fans saying the Suns were nothing because they didn't win as many games during the regular season.  The Suns are in the 2nd round, the Mavericks aren't.  I guess that shows who the better team was this year!

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