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I'll admit it

The Suns game is about 48 hours away and I'll admit it, I'm scared.  If there is one team I dread playing, it's the Spurs.  It just seems they have had the Suns' number the past several seasons.  The Dallas Mavericks barely got by the Spurs in the playoffs last season and this year after the Spurs got beat by the Nuggets in the first game, Greg Popovich turned his team around and they swept the rest of the 5 game series.

I have been looking at Pounding the Rock to get a feeling as to whether the Spurs fans are more wary of the Phoenix Suns or the Dallas Mavericks but couldn't really get a feel for it.

Do I think the Suns can beat the Spurs in a 7 game series?  Of course!  I think the Suns are the best team in the league.  But I also think the Spurs are #2 and there isn't that much of a difference.  If the Spurs can figure out how to slow the game down over the series, the Suns are in a world of hurt.

A lot of people point to the last game between the Spurs and the Suns in the regular season to show that the Spurs are going to beat the Suns quickly.  But in that game the Suns weren't shooting well and actually had a chance to win the game at the end despite scoring so few points and shooting so poorly.  In reality, if the Suns would have hit just a few more open jumpers and made a few more free throws, that game would have been theirs.

The Suns are favored by 4 in the game on Sunday.  I just don't know what to expect.  What are you thoughts on the game on Sunday?  Will the Suns blow out the Spurs?  Will they win a close game?  Get beat by the Spurs?

The good thing is the Suns have home court advantage throughout the playoffs now that Dallas is gone.  We have the Warriors to thank for that.  But as we saw with the Mavericks, home court advantage doesn't do much if you can't win on your home court.

Let me know your thoughts.  This isn't the game thread but I want to get a conversation going since the game still isn't for 2 days.

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